Tooling Gel Coat (Red/Orange) - Quart

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ORCA SHIELD VINYLESTER Tooling Gel Coats are designed to provide the hard, durable, high-gloss surface required in a superior grade polyester tool. The toughness and chemical resistance of these tooling gel coats will develop within 24-48 hours after lamination and removal from the master or plug. This rapid development of physical properties allows the mold builder to develop the high-gloss, mirror-like finish required in polyester molds. Vinylester Hybrid Tooling Gel Coat is especially formulated to increase this toughness and chemical resistance so as to produce a longer lasting mold surface that resists hazing and crazing. It is formulated for spray application with standard cup or pressure pot spray equipment. The color is standard in Orange and black but is also available in custom colors. MEKP SOLD SEPARATLY. 3 MONTH SHELF LIFE.

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